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Without his influence, I would probably have lacked the focus to achieve any of these goals.

Steve P.

I ALWAYS leave a training session feeling absolutely fantastic and it seems after each one further into the program I start to feel even better than the last time. I work hard and feel beautiful.

Inigo B.

Thanks to Alex, I now have a very positive view on health and fitness, and I am not so quick to believe everything I read about dieting and exercise!

Sianna R.

Alex Pearson – Head Coach

I’ve been a member of three commercial gyms over the years – and even though the benefits of resistance training were quite tangible, there always seemed to be something missing. I think the main problem was a kind of blanket training programme that was thought to fulfil everybody’s needs, regardless of their age and capacity. There was also very little in terms of nutritional advice. When I learned that Alex was willing to organise training programmes for older people, he became the obvious choice.

Steve P.

Hi! So…what do you want to know?

I have to admit I’m not the biggest fan of the typical “About Me” pages on sites like this. Firstly, because it’s expected to be just that – about ME, which I don’t like because the whole reason you’re here on this site is about YOU! It’s about your journey, not what I have or haven’t done.

Also, more often than not, “About Me” pages on fitness sites are usually along the lines of “Here’s a list of all my sporting accomplishments”, “Look at how much heavy stuff I can pick up!” and frequently “Here’s a lot of photos of me showing off my abs!”

I don’t really operate like that. Cool to those folks who do, you’re doing your thing and that’s great. But your people aren’t my people, and that stuff isn’t relevant to the people I’m here to help!

So to talk about myself as little as possible in order to get back to what’s important (i.e. YOU)…I was born and grew up in Whitehaven, West Cumbria. I now live in Carlisle, a place I like lots. I am a bang average runner but I love doing it anyway. I also enormously enjoy lifting weights, running, cycling and hockey – all of which I’m totally not amazing at but really, really love.

What I am good at is being a coach. My job isn’t about being brilliant myself, or I would be a professional athlete! My focus, forever, will be other people and what THEY are capable of, and whether I can help them achieve what they want.

My passion is to encourage others to pursue, and reap the benefits of, continual self-improvement. I still practice what I preach, of course – my health is the most precious thing I have, and I work very hard to take care of it. But coaching is really my thing.

This passion also drives the work I do as a staff member of Lift The Bar, an international network of fitness professionals dedicated to helping other personal trainers to improve their practice, education, and technical skills, in order to provide a better quality and more efficient and professional service to their clients. Within LTB I am the Obesity and Special Conditions Specialist. I provide over 800 personal trainers with educational materials based around my specialist subjects; I have written guides and handbooks on Obesity and Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders, as well as providing online webinars on and presentations to help other trainers to learn how to provide the best possible service to clients with specialised requirements. I have also developed a Critical Thinking course for our members to enable them to navigate through the sea of misinformation surrounding human biology and physical fitness and wellbeing. We believe that our industry can be so much more than what it is right now, and I am proud to be a part of the change.

As well as running the Studio, I still go back to Whitehaven every week to coach the all-ages team at Western Lakes Hockey Club, at which I am a Senior Coach and a founding member. I have also coached basketball and football in my time. I just love helping people get better at doing stuff they enjoy!

When people look for coaches they’re buying into the person. The same ideas can be demonstrated in different ways by different people, and with varying effectiveness depending on how the relationship between coach and client works.

As far as I’m concerned it’s important to find somebody who isn’t dogmatically rooted in one place; who is willing to progress and change and continually critically evaluate what they’re doing and how they’re doing it.

I hold myself accountable to this idea as well. I am on a continuous path for self-improvement, and despite being fully qualified, REPS registered, and having completed several qualifications above and beyond what is typically expected of somebody in my profession, I am always looking for the next thing to learn and the next thing that will improve my ability to help others. I take my education very seriously, and see it as my ethical responsibility to only provide my clients with the most up-to-date, reliable and evidence-based information and advice.

And boy, do I love to cook.

Want to know more? Drop me an email or give me a ring, I’m always up for a chat!

Charlie Doughton – Coach

Hey. I’m Charlie.

I guess this is the part where I am supposed to tell you all about myself, but I’m really struggling… because like Alex, I also really don’t like the typical “about me” format.

I’d much rather tell you about what is important to me, my experiences and how they have brought me here, to be fortunate enough to be talking to you today.

You see, even if I did have a long list of impressive sporting achievements, pictures of my abs, medals or Blue Peter badges (which I don’t)… I don’t think they would be relevant to my ability to coach YOU, who will always be the most important person here.

I guess I’m a bit of a misfit in the fitness industry (and probably most other areas of life!) I’m not very sporty, and I actually really struggle with new movements! Sure, as a kid I could run pretty fast, which got me picked for some sports, but I could never grasp the rules and so my nickname was Forrest Gump. It all made me a bit anxious, and by my second year in high school, I’d gone from running for the county, to skipping P.E.

So how on earth did I get here then?

Well, there came a point in my life when, despite always being lucky enough to have had good physical health, my mental health became a problem. And with that, I stopped caring about, and eventually abusing, my physical health too. I was stuck in a destructive cycle that was incredibly hard to get out of. But with some help to change, I managed to turn things around.

Part of that involved taking interest in caring for my body again; feeling strong physically, to remind me that I could be strong mentally too. So I started a martial art and lifting things in a gym, which has evolved into my current love of powerlifting. My health became so, so important to me and I never wanted to lose it again.

The thought of what would have happened if people had given up on me when I was stuck terrified me, and I didn’t want anyone else to experience that feeling. That’s why I started coaching people. So, to go back to feeling a misfit in the fitness industry, I realised that were a lot of other people who didn’t feel like they fit in either. People who didn’t feel they could enter the gym, despite really wanting to improve their health. People who felt that they were not catered for, had too big of a change to make, or who felt stuck, and boy did I know that feeling!

I felt like we were shutting out the very people who needed us most. These were the people I wanted to help…and thankfully they let me do so! And so, in my hometown of Northwich, Cheshire, we formed a little gang. That was how I met Alex, and I am fortunate enough to be part of the Studio today. You see, I believe in constantly evolving and improving what I do as a coach, in order to be my absolute best – for you. As I’m sure you’re aware, seeing as you’re here and reading this, sometimes that process goes a lot better with a bit of support.

So, after working on my education with Alex for a few months, when he asked if I would consider moving over 100 miles, to a place that was the safe haven that I never quite found for our little gang, there was never a question. That’s how cool this place is, and I’d love to meet you and show you that, too.

Just in case you haven’t learnt enough about me from this? I also love decent coffee, cooking and baking, going for walks until I get totally lost and people consider calling the emergency services, and posting far too many pictures of my dogs on social media.