Before and After Gallery

Because no fitness establishment would be complete without one, right?

Everything I do, I do with my clients’ feelings of privacy and safety at the heart of it.

Because of this, I don’t believe in using my clients’ bodies as advertising materials. The fitness industry does a good enough job of objectifying people without me contributing to that. I don’t believe it’s in anyone’s best interests to be treated that way.

Progress photos are incredibly motivating, and it can feel so uplifting to see how far you’ve come in a relatively short time. Sometimes we only see what we’ve achieved when it’s seen from someone else’s perspective – and it can feel amazing!

For this reason, any photos my clients ask to be taken are for their eyes only.

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I feel a lot happier. I’m losing weight, I understand WHY and what I’m doing. It’s happening.

Jamie M.

Alex’s gentle and unremittingly positive encouragement has helped me the most. I’ve never had a negative comment from Alex – ever! This means a lot because I’m not the most determined or strong-willed of people and would almost certainly have given up without it.

Ian H.

I decided to train with Alex because of the low key private aspect, not the in-your-face “PT”.

Jamie M.