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Probably not what you’re thinking.

My biggest worry when I started was my money. In order to do this I’ve got to make some changes in my life. Outside of training I have given myself the challenge to stop smoking – I can’t be spending my money on that if I want this to work, and so far I’m glad I made that decision! Addiction on one hand, or health and fitness on the other…I owe it to my body to go for health and fitness.

Inigo B.

One of the things I often see is that, a lot of the time, the people who need the Studio the most are those who are least able to afford the help they need.

Let me clarify this.

I often have consultations with people who are at the end of their tether, whose physical capacity is such that they are medically unfit to work – whether that is due to excess weight, mobility issues or other health problems. Benefit cuts and unreliable income makes for some serious financial insecurity.

It makes me very sad when I talk to people in this position who are so excited by the feeling that they have found an option, a way out of their situation – and then the subject of money comes up and I see the glimmer of hope get sucked down the plughole before we’ve even begun to talk about it, because their assumption is “I can’t afford this”.

These are the people I want to help the most.

The average cost of one-to-one training in a typical gym is usually around £30-£40 per hour. For many people this is simply beyond their means.

If you have been reading through this website, got this far, and found yourself thinking “This is where I really want to be, but I’m worried I can’t pay for it” – then you’re the person I want to talk to.

The pricing structure here is as flexible as the programmes. I have a range of services available and so, to keep things simple and fair, you only pay for the services you want, rather than for a package with added features you may not necessarily want or need. How many people do you know who are paying for memberships and never use half the classes or facilities they’re paying for?

Everything I offer is designed to fit around you and your current situation. There is always a compromise.

So hit up the Contact page or Application Form and let’s have a conversation!