Here’s to the ones:


That didn’t choose the path that lead to where they are now, 

but feel judgement for it, even from themselves. 


The ones who have faced slimming club after slimming club:

 Feelings of embarrassment and failure. 


The ones who are constantly reminded of the size of their journey

 and the huge strength it takes. 


But they are the ones who have that strength

Because they are still here


So here’s to the ones who haven’t quit and never will

No matter how much they have felt like it


Here’s to the ones who won’t give up…

Because we won’t give up on them.


Yes, here’s to YOU:


 The ones who want to change more than their weight

 and here’s to the last weight loss journey you’ll ever take. 


Welcome to alex pearson Health coaching...

We deliver lasting and life changing weight loss solutions, to people who feel like they are beyond help, but desperately want it.




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The main magic that this has brought to my life is that I can feel better about myself at any weight; more compassionate toward myself, less perfectionist and have less fear of “failure”...

Oh, and I lost several stone in the process.

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