If you're struggling to resist foods, this game will help.

Did you look at the chicken?

Yup, same.

Welcome to the wonderful world of negative suggestion!

You might also recognise this in relation to food:

Imagine the scene,

That big the table of cake and biscuits in the office...

It’s singing sweetly to you (probably “Every step you take” by The Police or something possessive and creepy like that) 

You: “Do NOT eat the biscuits”

Biscuits: 🎵”I’ll be watching yooooooou”🎵

You : “DON’T eat the cake”

Cake: 🎵”Every move you make, every bond you break, I’ll BE WATCHING YOOOOOOOU” 🎵

You: Wow, that Charlie from that health coaching place was absolutely right, that song is really creepy, how was it ever released? If I eat the cake will it shut up?”

So you eat the cake, because your request for a restraining order wasn’t taken seriously.

Anyway, I digress...

My point is, not only is trying NOT to do things exhausting, but it’s pretty much impossible.

So let’s look at it differently...

All of the things that you are telling yourself not to do are totally an option if you can really give yourself permission.

With that rule truly removed it’s easier to find clarity on what is really important to you- what you DO want to do.

Try this: stop thinking about what you’re NOT going to do and focus on what you ARE going to do.

Charlotte Doughton