You Are Here: Navigating the map to weight loss when you are stuck

  • So you’re feeling a little bit stuck? 

    Well let me tell you a little story about (sort of) that very thing…

    One of my favourite things to do is walk my dogs.

    But being new to the area I’ve found myself getting lost quite a bit, so I’ve enlisted the help of a GPS mapping app.

    So the other day we were out walking, the route was really nice, the weather was really nice, everything seemed great and I was really enjoying myself…

    Until one my dogs seemed to forget that he’s actually really tiny, not at all intimidating and annoyed an entire field of cows who came stampeding towards us.

    This resulted in me literally throwing my dogs and myself over the fence and into the woods behind it.


    We couldn’t go back on that path now as the cows stood stomping at the fence.

    Totally lost.


    No path, just me, stood in a boggy nettle patch with two shivering dogs staring at me.


  • For a minute I was angry at the dog; how could he be so stupid to have put us in danger for us to have ended up here?

  • For a minute I looked back at how much of a nice walk we were having, how it had been ruined and I felt regret.

  • For a minute I blamed the farmer, and hoped he’d come and move his cows.

  • For a minute I felt totally helpless and stuck.

    Then I remembered my mapping app.

    I looked at the blue dot that showed me my location; my “You are here”.

    I looked around.




    And there indeed I was: me, the dogs, our lives still intact.

    Sure I could learn from the previous few minutes, but I couldn’t change them.

    I was here and it was ok. 

    It wasn’t what I’d planned or wanted

    But really, it was ok.

    And at that realisation, I was able to stop feeling mad at the farmer, the dog, the cows and the nettle patch that I was stood in

    and just focus on moving that blue dot on my map; 
    that “You Are Here”, to where I wanted it to be.


    It was as that blue dot started hovering along the road back to my house, I realised that in getting lost, we’d actually discovered another route to take in the future.

    This one had no angry cows and I discovered loads of things along the way: 

    lots of cool wildlife and river for the dogs to get that nettle bog swamp water off themselves before they do a victory dance on my bed...


    Dare I say, it was a better route?

    A route that I may never have found had I not accepted my “You Are Here”, or maybe even got stuck in the first place.


    So how does this relate to you feeling stuck right now?

    Maybe I don’t know (yet) what your equivalent of the field of angry cows is, 

    but I do know that when we are in a place that we aren’t happy with, it’s only natural to go over past events…

    (Just like I did after throwing my dogs over the fence)

    Maybe we try and go back over them and fix them, or think about them so much, 

    feel so many negative things about them, that we struggle to move forward, even doubt our ability to.

    We feel so bad about our current situation; 
    our personal “You Are Here” on this metaphorical map to better health, 

    and the route that lead us to it, that we can’t even bring ourself to look at that blue dot that shows us our location.

    🔵But YOU ARE HERE🔵

    And you know what? 

    it’s ok.

    It really is ok.


    I realise that you want to be somewhere else, but it’s much easier to map your route there when you accept that you are here.

    And maybe, just maybe, that route will be a better one, on which you discover loads of cool things along the way too.


    Have a great week, wherever you are.

    Charlie x

Charlotte Doughton