for fitness facility OWNERS

Your clients most frequently leave when they are unable to achieve the results that they came to you for,

Even if they don't tell you that.

Whilst many facilities can provide great basic nutritional education and services for their members, they may still find themselves unable to help some clients adhere to their nutrition plans.

If this is you, you are not at fault and you are most definitely not alone.

You've probably noticed that some people can download training plans from the internet and carry them out without ongoing coaching? Perhaps they have plenty of prior experience, knowledge and are highly motivated.

You've probably also noticed that these people are few and far between and we are going to make a bet that they aren't the people that you meet as they walk into your facility for the first time.

You do a fantastic job at helping movement become part of your clients every day lives; they can now deadlift a decent amount weight with great form and you've coached them so well that they really enjoy doing it.

Despite this, even the best trainer can feel like they are letting their clients down…

 if they still haven't got the results that they came to you for, because they still eat exactly the same.


This is because, for most people, nutrition needs coaching time too. 

You're aware that no matter how hard you try, if you attempt to be a Jack-of-all-trades you will become master of none...

and besides that you're busy trying to juggle facility ownership and coaching, so you cannot possibly be expected to provide nutrition coaching too.

This is where our Nutrition consultancy services for facility owners can help.

If you would like to find out how having a highly experienced, Certified Nutritionist delivering health coaching to your clients can improve results, increase retention and allow you to simply focus on what you're really good at, please get in touch.

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