Within 20 minutes I realised that this was exactly the person that I needed to travel with me on this journey.
There was no doubt of his vast knowledge but most importantly he “got it” . He understood what being overweight meant to me.

Just talking to him made me feel like he had the tools to help me.
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Hi, I’m Alex! 

I’m here because, one day, it dawned on me exactly how precious life is: how precious all of our lives are. 

Not just in terms of how long we are here for, but how we get to spend that time. That is, how fulfilled our lives are and how close we are to living the life that we truly want to live.  

This realisation caused me to change how I was living my own life, in the form of completely changing careers… 


And here we are now

You see, my fulfillment comes from helping people like you to live the life that you truly want to live.  

(In fact it’s so important to me, that -as I can't work with everyone in the world- I love the impact that I get to have in my other job, with Lift The Bar, where I get to educate other certified professionals on the topics of health, nutrition and obesity so that they can help people better too) 

I know that the changes that you will make in order to do this can seem big and difficult. The path may be daunting; paved with the uncertainties of previous attempts, and you may even be unsure of the place that you are trying to reach… 


But it’s ok. I’ve walked variations of that path (because we recognise and celebrate that everyone’s journey will be different) many times before, guiding people who feel  similarly. 

You might say that I’m your Sat Nav, but I’m not sure that is correct. 

Unlike a Sat Nav, which has a preferred route for you to follow (and shouts about making U-turns far too much), I will help you to draw, read and follow your own route, guiding you as you go. 

Never pulling from in front, never pushing from behind, but always by your side, every step of the way. 

Would you care to come with me for a road trip? 



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Hi there!

Some people seem to have always been physically active, had a good relationship with food, you know, all of that "healthy stuff"

Like it just kind of came naturally to them AND they've always enjoyed doing it.

They never skipped PE and they probably don't even screw their face up when they try to eat sprouts...

But I'm going to assume that you're not one of them... and guess what?

I'm not either! So welcome to the place where you belong.


I retrained and became a coach because I know what it is like to feel like you are beyond help and how difficult it can be to make a huge change to your life.

 I also know the positive impact that it can have when you do make that change and I want to share that with as many people as possible.


Like Alex, I'm devoted to personal and professional development and so whilst I was coaching people who "don't do fitness" in my home town in Cheshire, I was learning from Alex and the team at Lift The Bar. 

When the offer to work join the Alex Pearson Health Coaching team arose, I moved over 100 miles to be part of this place, that's how confident that I am that this is the best facility in the world for people who want to change their lives.

So from one person who felt like they are beyond help, to another, please get in touch, because we would love to talk to you.


Never pulling from in front, never pushing from behind, but always by your side... every step of the way.