We deliver client centred services to guide and support people

through the difficult path of lifelong, significant diet and health based change,

delivered through evidence based practice, with acceptance and compassion at our core.
— Our mission statement

our clients lead, we follow

Whilst jokes about nutritionists telling people off for eating cake or having an extra couple of drinks are very common, they also belie the damaging misconception that we are here to wag our finger and tell people off for eating the “naughty” foods. 

Nothing could be further from the truth. 

We will never attempt to “force” or “drag” someone to achieving weight loss or any other health related goal.

Ultimately,our clients are the ones in charge of how they eat.

Long term ( or even short term) progress doesn't come from someone being “forced' to act in a certain way. 

We aim to be a guide on your journey; to offer advice and direction when needed. Ultimately, we hope to help clarify what decisions you do or don't want to make. 

This process doesn't involve our judgements over what the “right”, “wrong”, “good” or “bad” ways to eat are. All of our clients get to decide that for themselves. 


Acceptance and compassion is our nucleus

Trying to create long term change with self hatred as your motivator can be pretty tough. 

However, self hatred is what gets many people to take their first steps...

and it's totally okay if thats where you are now (you're perfect)

but we believe that learning to treat ourselves with compassion and ultimately accept all of ourselves and our behaviours (even the stuff we don’t like) is the key to lasting change.

We aim to help all of our clients to find acceptance and compassion in this way.

We also always treat our clients with acceptance and compassion, even when they can't find it within themselves.


We are driven by science

Nutrition is a bewildering mess of conflicting advice. 

We aim to provide all of our clients with 100% evidence based advice.

This means that everything we say will be a combination of:

  • The best current available scientific evidence, 

  • Our critically examined experience working with hundreds of clients 

  • Our clients preferences of how they want their lives to be. 

It is the combination of those three factors which means that all of our clients get advice and support that is grounded in science but works within the context of their lives. 


we care about complete health

In the past you may have lost weight but you couldn't go out and eat with your family anymore.

Or perhaps dieting for 30+ years has left you with significant fear around certain foods or eating in general?

When it comes to trying to change how we eat, its very easy to sacrifice one type of health for another. 

This is why we don't just prioritise achieving changes to our clients physical health. 

We aim to make sure that improvements in physical health don’t come at the cost of all of the other essential elements of health; 

whether that be social, economic, mental or emotional health. 


Weight and food have nothing to do with morality

The diet industry and the world of nutrition is filled with the implicit idea that if you have a higher amount body fat then you are somehow a morally inferior person. 

Unfortunately this stigma is all around us. 

We do not share this view.

In fact, we are distinctly ambivalent about all our clients weight loss;we think they are amazing just as they are

We aim to treat everyone as a unique individual, without bias, judgement or agenda.

We don’t think anyone HAS to lose weight. We support everyone in making their own decision as to whether weight loss is something that they wish to pursue, or not.

We do not believe that your body fat level is indicative of your moral character; no one is “good” or “bad” depending on how they eat and we do not attach morality to foods.


we care about the next 10 years

We aim for all of our work with clients to serve them for the rest of their lives, not just “x” number of weeks. 

We regularly ask the question “Do you feel you have the tools to serve you over the next 10 years?” 

We believe that none of our clients should “need” us forever (even if some may choose that support).

We want to help people reach the point that they can 100% manage all their own food choices, decisions and (if needs be) their weight. 


Change is hard (and that’s ok)

Any sort of change is a fundamentally difficult process. 

Be it a change in our work, relationships or moving house, change challenges us grow and adapt to our new reality. 

When it comes to changing behaviours that have often been ingrained since childhood, such as eating behaviours, the challenge can be a very large one. 

We fully disagree with the assertion that losing weight or eating differently is “easy”. 

Whatto do may feel simple for some of us but the process to doing that isn’t easy. 

We aim to help our clients to see that it's perfectly okay to struggle making changes.

That’s why we are here- they aren’t “failing” just by finding it hard.

eventually, you will stop

Weight loss attempts should end at some point. 

Many people spend huge portions of their life either trying to lose weight, losing weight or regaining weight.

We don't want our clients daily thoughts to be dominated by worrying about their weight or obsessing over food at the expense of the brilliant life that they could be leading. 

We aim to help weight loss clients to lose and maintain their weight loss in a way that allows them to focus as much of their energy on the rest of their lives as possible.