1:1 Nutrition coaching

Over the last 6 years, we've helped hundreds of people just like you learn what actually works, adjust their diet, improve their relationship with food and maintain their results.


If you you would love to do any of the following:

  •  Understand how to lose those excess Ibs

  • Help your digestion or IBS

  • Improve your Type 2 Diabetes

  •  Gain muscle

  • Or perform better in your sport

Then our one-to-one coaching service is perfect for you!


With this service you can:

  • Learn how to manage those recurring food issues that keep cropping up

  •  Work with a nutrition coach who won't judge you for having an "off day”

  • Find a food plan that actually works for you and your life

  • Learn how to improve your relationship with food.


GROUP nutrition Coaching

Using the techniques and strategies for the problems that we most frequently help our 1:1 clients with, our online group coaching programme offers you an affordable solution if you are ready and raring to go and don’t require highly personalised support


If you would love to:

  • Understand how to lose those excess Ibs

  • Learn how to manage the cravings that get in your way

  • Find a food plan that actually works for you

  • Learn how to improve your relationship with food

  • Work with a nutrition team who won't judge you for having one off day

Then our group, starting on the 1st Monday of each Month, is for you!


The group includes:

  • Structure - We'll help you come up with a plan that works with your lifestyle. We're all different and our plan needs to match this.

  • Guidance when things go wrong - It’s normal for there to be days when things don't quite go to plan, we’ll give you the needed guidance to get over these.

  • Sample meal plans - that help guide your food choices in a direction that moves you towards your goal.

  • Not to mention community and support!


Our Premium, semi- residential, life changing service for people who feel like this is their last chance:

Change your life and your relationship with food in one year

This time you will change, not just your weight…

The main magic that this has brought to my life is that I can feel better about myself at any weight, more compassionate towards myself, less perfectionist and less fear of “failure”...

Oh, and I lost several stone in the process
— Ally

Still unsure?

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