Thanks for signing up for our Group Coaching Trial!

We are really looking forward to getting started and we hope that you are too!

So, what happens next?

Please request access to the group now by clicking below.

We will approve your access request on the 5th of Oct.

What happens Once I join the group?

Once your request is accepted, we will help you get to know everybody and make sure that you understand how to get the most out of the group.
Our first video session is via a Facebook watch party, on Sunday the 6th at 8pm but you can watch it back at another time if you can’t make it.

THEN WHAT do I do?

Group features are split into 2 main sections: Coaching Features and Course Features.
We will explain more about how to use these in your first session but here is a brief outline:

Course Features

These are series of video sessions covering the most important skills needed for defeating the Yo-Yo dieting cycle. These skills help you to lose weight AND keep it off.

Each session has an accompanying task for you to try. These tasks help you to apply what has been covered in the session to your daily life.

You can work through the course features in your own time or join our watch parties every Weds and Sunday at 8pm.

Full members have access to a private portal containing all course videos and our interactive workbook.

Coaching Features

These features allow you to get support, direction and guidance from your coaches as you apply the skills you will learn from the course features to your life.
The backbone of your coaching is the
Weekly Review and Feedback System. This consists of two main parts:

1) The Weekly Intentions Thread:
here you tell us what your aims for the week are. We post this every Monday.

2) The Weekly Review:
This is a private form that we post each Sunday. It helps you and your coaches to look back on your week.
We respond to your review forms in a live video every Monday, with help, guidance, support (and high fives!).


  • 1) You don’t need to catch up if you miss a video or task. We post all of the video sessions and tasks each month, but for most people two 15 minute sessions per week, and 2 tasks is A LOT. This is why full members can work through it in their own time.

    2) Fill out a Review form each week if you can. This isn’t just a video course or a programme. This is coaching. But we can’t coach you if we don’t get to interact with you. We know that there may be some weeks that many people can barely get chance to glance at the group and that’s ok- there’s no on/it off it here. To get the most out of the group we recommend using the Review form and feedback system.

    3) Set reminders and Calendar events now for the following:

  • Weekly review form- 2-10 minutes any time between 8am Sunday and 3pm Monday that suits you.***

  • Set my weekly intentions- 2 minutes. Any time on a Monday that suits you***.

  • Watch the Feedback video- Posted Mondays 4pm. Watch back at a time that suits you. Average time 15-20 mins.***

  • Watch Parties: Weds and Sun 8pm- 8.15pm

  • Tasks: Posted Thursday and Monday evenings. Complete at a time that suits you.

    We absolutely do not expect you to be able to do all of those things, we know that you have a life. But if you set aside time for yourself now, you are more likely to do the ones that you can.

    *Recommended priority)

    4) Don’t be afraid to post. The wealth of experiences of all of our members is what makes the group. Please, share your experiences, ask (and answer!) questions. Every member post helps someone else.

    5) If you are struggling, losing motivation or feel like “it’s not working” please speak up. That’s exactly when we want to hear from you most and is why we are here.


Oh and don’t forget to request to join the group…